The most comprehensive and up-to-date job search available in any industry is at Indeed is like the Google search engine for jobs. Use the text fields below to see for yourself. Type in “table games dealer” in “Las Vegas, NV” and see the latest casino job offerings. Continue reading the text below the Indeed widget for some helpful hints on other ways to find a dealing job. Plus some advice on what to do when getting an interview or audition. Also, check out some articles that may feature additional information. Best of luck!

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Bear in mind, smaller casinos that typically have high turnover rates may not always advertise their jobs. This is because they are perpetually in the hiring process. If a decent candidate walks in the door, there is likely a position available or a position that will be available soon.

Also bear in mind that the more competitive casinos may not advertise their jobs at all. This is where "juice" or knowing someone at the company or affiliated with the company in an influential way comes in handy.

When preparing for the job application process, whether you applied online, walked in the door, or asked a friend for help, there are a few important steps to take. Most steps involve common sense - and you will apply this sort-of common sense to any job in any industry.

Speak well of past employers and past co-workers. Speak positively about your life and your experiences. Be optimistic about your future with the company you are applying to work for. Have a reason for wanting this job, other than for "money" or "to be employed." Also have answers prepared for standard questions such as "Why should we hire you?" "What are your strengths/weaknesses?" "What is good customer service and how does one provide it?"

Dealing is unlike most jobs, in that you must prove yourself with an audition. When a bank teller applies for a job, it's not common practice for the bank manager to say, "Okay, now tap into that register and show me what you've got." But in the table games and poker departments, that is exactly what happens. Candidates for the dealing position dress in black and whites (meaning black pants, black polished shoes, and a long sleeve button down, ironed white shirt) and they tap into a game, essentially showing the person making the hiring decisions what they've got.

During an audition, it is not only important to be skilled and knowledgeable about the game, but also to be personable. Dealers are hired for their personality these days, not just for their technical abilities. When going to audition, it is important to provide guests with an enthusiastic greeting, to introduce the incoming dealer, and to provide a warm farewell. Be yourself - and make sure that yourself is who you would want to hire if you were running a casino.

To be thoroughly prepared for any job interview and audition, look your best. You don't have to be a world class beauty, but you do need to put your best self forward. Be optimistic, strike up conversations, and be enthusiastic. Good luck on any future jobs!